Wednesday, 3 September 2014

You can do that too!

I have been asked, "How does one write a book? Does one need to be born with the talent?" and so here is my answer to that. In my opinion anyone can do anything. Simple as that. It is all about your determination, how badly you want that thing, how much you put into it.
If a person with a so-called talent does not constantly practice and find new ways to improve then they will find themselves far behind for with everything, perfection comes with constant practice and the hunger to learn more.
I personally have been writing for as long as I remember-say about the age of seven and this gave me an escape from my physically and mentally abusive childhood. I would sit in corners and read or write, even in school while classes were going on I would hide a book underneath my desk and either read or write away. I constantly found myself escaping into my safe fantasy world where there were no whips nor harsh words.
Now here is the answer to the question on how to write. Close your eyes and imagine what you want to write. Lets say for example you want to write about what happened today, from the time you woke up until to the time you went to bed. Imagine what your day was like, what time you woke up, what mood you were in, what the air or the room smelt like, the colour of your clothes that is if you slept with any, the state your hair was, your thoughts at the time you woke up etc. All this will add up in helping your readers in their own imagination because as writing entails bringing imagination to life, so also does reading. You want to describe your day in such a way that your readers will be able to go into your mind and picture it as if they themselves were there, sometimes even picture it as if it were them acting it out.
Having imagined your day, the next thing is to begin writing it step by step as your mind replays the picture. Make sure you go step by step because you don't want to end up writing about drinking coffee before you write about waking up. It makes more sense to drink the coffee after one is awake. Does it not?
Usually all you need is a beginning, a middle and an ending and making sure the characters are consistent. For example if a character is in the habit of biting their lips or blinking, then make sure that the character continues to do so except of course the character makes a conscious effort to change that, which you must also state in your writing.
So basically this is the advice I have for those who are hoping to write their first book. Don't let anyone tell you that you do not have a talent to do anything. Remember, anyone with an imagination can do anything...yes, I said it, all you need in order to do anything is first of all an imagination and then next the decision and the determination and you will be amazed as you watch that little imagination come to life in a way bigger than you ever thought.
Tell me, what is the one thing you want to do but are afraid of doing and what about it scares you?
Check back next Wednesday for another interesting topic and until then, please keep the hope alive.

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